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Unleash productivity, Embrace comfort

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THE BRICK has joined forces with Troom to make your work, dining and partying easier than ever. Seize the opportunity to enjoy worry-free rides with your personal Troom chauffeur.

As a member of THE BRICK, you will now receive one free credit every month throughout 2024 (1 credit = 1 hour). For the month of March, simply enter the codeBrick03when booking your ride, and your free credit will be automatically added to your account.

(You can input this code either when downloading the app or in the profile section at the bottom.)

Stay tuned! Each month in 2024, a new promo code will be made available for THE BRICK members, ensuring you have continued access to this exclusive benefit.

What is Troom?

Troom has developed an app that allows you to engage trained student drivers to chauffeur you in the comfort of your own car.

  • How much does it cost?
    • €25,50 per hour (excluding 21% VAT)
    • €0.30 per kilometer that the driver travels to reach your location with their own car
    • On invoice
  • The earlier you book, the more certain you are of securing a driver. We recommend booking the ride at least 1 day in advance.

How does this work?


Download the Troom app


Create an account

(individuals can also book through the app → designate company, fill in all fields with a "-" → this way you can also easily get on the app)

Simply enter the code BRICK03 when booking your ride and your free credit will automatically be added to your account. *You can enter the code on the main screen of the app, either after creating your account, or afterwards at the profile section in the menu, at the bottom of the main screen in the app.


Plan your ride


Choose your pick up point


Choose your destination(s)


Choose your driver


Your driver will arrive with his/her own transportation to the designated start location


The driver will drive your own car to the destination.


In the meantime, the driver will wait on site until you want to be taken back home. *You pay the driver from the beginning to the end of the ride, and you continue to pay during the waiting time.


When you want to leave, the driver will bring you back home safely.

If you have any questions, please contact Troom at 0478/425697 or

“Working with TROOM allows me to focus my full attention on providing the best service to our customers and partners. Whether it's client appointments or networking events, TROOM not only provides me with comfortable transportation in my own car but, thanks to their professional private drivers, also allows me to focus on work unhindered. In a world of constant movement and business commitments, TROOM is a reliable partner that gives me the freedom to excel and make the most of a work day.”

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