Get home safe with your Troom driver

We want you to party hard and have a good time, but we also want you to get home safely.
That is why Veruz and Troom are partnering up to give you the best experience.

Make sure you enter your code ‘VERSUZ’ to get a free credit (worth 22,5 euro) for your next evening @VERSUZ!

(you can fill in your code after downloading the app or in your profile section)

What is Troom?

Troom is a mobile application that allows you to book your own private student-driver who drives you in the comfort of your own car.

  • Price?
    • €22,5/hour (excl. 6% VAT)
    • €0,25/km for the driver to arrive at your house (start location)
    • Payment automatic and invoice received in mailbox or in app
  • If you want to be certain to have a driver make sure you book at the least 1 day beforehand.

Questions? U can contact Troom on 0478/425697 or

“We are always looking for solutions when it comes down to mobility and safety for our people who experience a night out at Versuz. When I got to meet the owners and got to know the concept this was a no brainer. It’s an efficient method and easy to use.”

Yves Smoldersowner versuz

“To be honest, when I was younger and visiting Versuz me and my friends knew all the backroads to get back home. We never got in trouble, but we easily could. Now that I’m older and with more experience it’s such an easy to use Troom. Our primary goal is to make sure you’re efficient with your time, but let us also make sure now that you are safe and relaxed. I would say: ‘Try it out’, see if you like it. No more taking backroads and always safe !!”

Mathia PalaiaCEO Troom